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My Folders, accessed from the Analytics home page, provides you with tools to create and organize both reports and the folders in which you keep them, as well as access and manage custom datasets created in Web of Science Core Collection. 

Reports contain the tiles which you create and wish to group together, and folders can be used to collect your reports. 

My Folders example

When you first create a folder or report, it will be stored within My Items, located on the left-hand side of the screen. The contents of each folder, once clicked, is visible within the table that sits in the center of the screen. Custom datasets created in Web of Science Core Collection and sent to InCites will also appear, by default, in this section

In the above example, we see the contents of the My Items folder, which now includes two new folders, and a separate reportcustom datasets saved to InCites from Web of Science Core Collection. Clicking on either of the two folders located below My Items will reveal the contents of that folder in the list, while clicking on the report itself will take you to the tiles that comprise the report.  

Reports can be created within My Folders or from the Dashboard when you select Save As.

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